Family Guy is an Animated Televison Series Created by Seth Macfarlane. The TV Series was first shown on Fox

Family Guy
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Created By

Seth Macfarlene

Country of Origin


No.of Seasons


No.of Episodes

147(List of Family Guy episodes)

in 1999. The Series is about the lives of the Dysfunctional, Griffin Family. Which Includes the Overweight Father Peter Griffin, his wife Lois and their three children: 18 year old Meg, 15 year old Chris, and highly intelligent Baby Stewie, And Also their Dog, 7 year old - Brian, Who Talks and Behaves like a Human Adult.



220px-Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin.

Peter Griffin:
Peter is the Catholic, Overweight Father of the Griffin Family. Peter Spends alot of his time Drinking Pawtucket Beer at the Drunken Clam with Best Friends Joe,Cleaveland, and Quagmire. Peter Was Born in Mexico, Despite Being of Irish and American Decent.

Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin: Lois is the wife of Peter Griffin, and the Mother of the Family. Lois was born and raised in the wealthy Pewterschimdt family with her sister Carol. She also has a Brother Carl who was sent to a mental hospital after he was revealed to be a serial killer.

T 19722

Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin: Megan "Meg" Griffin is the oldest child of Peter and Lois Griffin, she is also their only child.

Early History and Cancellation Edit




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